School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program

At South Gippsland Specialist School, the whole school community supports the use of positive behaviour support strategies to teach our students how to act in an appropriate manner.

Positive Behaviour Support is a term encompassing strategies and methods that aim to assist a person to reduce challenging behaviour and increase the person’s quality of life through teaching a person new skills and adjusting their environment to promote positive behaviour changes.

The Code of Conduct for students is consistent with Department of Education guidelines and regulations and is based on the principles of:

Everyone has the right to learn                                                             
Everyone has the right to be safe
Everyone has the right to be respected

The principal and staff have the responsibility to implement the Code of Conduct fairly and consistently.

Parents and guardians have the responsibility to support the school in its efforts to maintain a safe, productive teaching and learning environment.

The students have the responsibility to work, learn and play to the best of their ability and to be polite, fair and friendly.