Principal's Message

Thank you for visiting South Gippsland Specialist School website. Our school is located on the education precinct in Leongatha, the heart of South Gippsland.  The school provides a comprehensive educational program for students who have a intellectual disability aged from 5 to 18 years of age. In addition to having an intellectual disability, students may have associated disabilities and syndromes such as ADHD, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Hearing Impairments, as well as language and communication disorders.

South Gippsland Specialist School is committed to providing all students with access to a variety of high quality educational opportunities so that they become empowered members of society. We operate within a strong framework of values and behaviours based on respect, learning, safety, teamwork and social justice.


South Gippsland Specialist School community sees the provision of a respectful, safe and learning environment as its most important goal. Our dedicated staff adopt a flexible approach to teaching and learning bringing with them a variety of skills, interests and experiences to enhance programs. There is strong commitment to the development of the whole child and we are sensitive to individual student abilities and circumstances. Our supportive environment encourages students to be enthusiastic learners.. The school provides a diverse and engaging curriculum that incorporates the Victorian Curriculum and functional Life skills. South Gippsland Specialist School has been accredited by AMAZE Victoria as being an “Autism Friendly”. The school is also a resourceSMART school where looking after our environment is an embedded practice in our classrooms


South Gippsland Specialist School fosters the involvements of the wider school community in its programs and activities. We value the partnerships between home and school and work intensively with our students to assist them in understanding their role as community members.

School Wide Positive Behaviour support principles are employed to support the school community commitment to providing a curriculum that challenges student learning through achievement and positive attitudes to learning.


Heather Braden