Class Programs

The South Gippsland Specialist School provides a number of whole school programs and initiatives of which includes;

The Engine Room Program

Which focuses on vestibule and proposition input as well as deep pressure. These skills are very important for development of balance, coordination, eye control, attention, being secured with movement, spatial awareness, pressure exertion and some aspects of language development. This is based on the alert program.

School Wide Positive Behavior Support Program

School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) is an evidence-based framework for preventing and responding to student behavior. It aims to create a positive school climate, a culture of student competence and an open, responsive management system for all school community members.

Resource Smart

Resource Smart is a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability in everything they do. Schools take action to minimize waste, save energy and water, promote diversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Provides a prevention and risk management framework to schools, helping them better integrate cyber safety practices and promote the safe use of online technology in their community.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen-Garden Program

The purpose of the program is to introduce pleasurable food education to children in order to form positive food habits for life.

Respectful relationships

This program is about tackling family violence through education.

Kids matter

Kids Matter is a mental health and wellbeing initiative for primary schools and early childhood education and care services It’s not a program, but a framework that helps staff, parents and carers to work together to create settings that better support children’s social and emotional wellbeing needs. Kids Matter has 4 focus areas: 

Other programs that the school offer include: