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School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

What is SWPBS?

South Gippsland Specialist School began implementing SWPBS in 2012 with the purpose of establishing, a safe, supportive and positive learning environment.

SWPBS involves the establishment of a continuum of behavior support that considers all students and emphasises prevention. It is a proactive approach and focuses on teaching all students agreed expected behaviours and pro-social skills rather than just reacting to inappropriate behavior.

In addition, a small number of students will require highly individualized and intensive interventions. These interventions are:

The primary prevention aspect of SWPBS consists of rules, routines and physical arrangements that are developed and taught by school staff to encourage appropriate behavior.

Students who are following the schools expected behaviours are acknowledged by being given a token and then they exchange that token for a prize. The token winners are then published in the newsletter

This year we have modified aspects of the SWPBS system to incorporate aspects the Respectful Relationships Initiative into the system.

At SGSS, the school community has developed four simple expected behaviours:

Be Friendly

Be Safe

Be a Learner

Be Respectful

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How does SWPBS work?

What is SWPBS Team?

The SWPBS Team is the whole school who meet regularly to develop SWPBS at South Gippsland Specialist School.

The team operates under a mission statement, with the aim of promoting both academic and behavioural competencies of all students.

Mission Statement

South Gippsland Specialist School is committed to developing our school community to be safe, friendly, respectful learners.

The team is responsible for the implementation and support of SWPBS within the school.

Some of the team’s tasks include:

SWPBS Handbook 2021

Work Experience Guidelines

Work experience guidelines for South Gippsland Specialist School